Why Instagram is the Best Social Platform for Your Business

Instagram is the top social media platform and is considering as the social media king right now. It’s famous, modern, different, and gives a kind of advantages for businesses wishing to communicate and engage their target audience.

So, when you start building a social presence across a range of social media platforms, Instagram would be the best option to choose as your No.1 priority for your customer experience tactics.

Read the below blog post to learn why Instagram is the best social platform for your business.

A Top Social Community

As a top social media channel, Instagram is precisely a real social community. Therefore, it is about online society, about sparking contacts and having discussions on a global social platform. Usually, every social media platform is about community, but Instagram takes it one level further by leans heavily on hashtags.

While most social networks use hashtags in some manner, but Instagram uses hashtags as a means of connecting users with accounts, topics, and content they love.

You can connect your clients with your business in a wider context if you get your hashtags game right. You can apply hashtags to put your content into a broader narrative, making it part of a wider discussion that tells customers that your business is not standalone but it is part of something larger.

A Famous and Different Network

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the largest social networks around the world. The platform has a large user base and currently owning one billion monthly active users. And Instagram’s users aren’t comparable, they produce a diverse cross-section of the online market.

Around 72 % of Instagram users are between the age of 13-17 year and the 30-49 years old user are also sharing their huge part in the Instagram user base. These statistics make Instagram the perfect network for businesses to improve their consumer experience.

Best for Visuals

Videos and images are greatly popular with people right now all around the World. Visuals engage clients, improve conversions. Marketers also regularly point to visuals as the top type of content for their marketing strategy. And you already now Instagram is famous for visuals.

Snaps and selfies are hot on Instagram along with short clips, live video, and dynamic stories. In short, there is plenty of ways that Instagram offers your business to create a powerful user experience. Take benefit from Instagram by posting visual content that engages clients and encourages them to stay and interact with your business.

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