Top Reasons Why You Need to Redesign Your Website

Having a website in today’s world of technology has become important for every small and mid-size business to grow. Most businesses have a website but their websites are not converting due to poor structure and lack of optimization. They need to be redesign with proper use of the latest web design trends to stay at the top of the competition.

You must have a close look at your website to check whether it’s relevant to your business or not, or your website is up to date. If no, then you need to redesign your website to attract more visitors and achieve your business goals.

There are many things that tell whether your website needs a redesign. You must avoid these things in your web design to achieve your business goals.

In this post, we’ll drive you through some top elements that show that your website needs to redesign.

Top Signs Why You Need to Redesign Your Website

  • Website is not Mobile-Friendly

Every web design companies know the importance of mobile-friendly and responsive website design. Having a responsive website is a must to attract more user through mobile. A responsive website adjusts according to smartphone and devices from which it is being accessed.

A web designer must employ the latest web development techniques to make the website responsive. Without a responsive website, you might lose a high amount of mobile users because the estimate of 30% of mobile users leave the website if it is not responsive.

  • Website is Slow

One of the essential features of any website is it’s loading time. You don’t want a website that is slow. Because people like websites that load fast. If you don’t have a website that load quickly then the users might not come back to your site and you may lose a valuable customer.

Website Redesign Services in Dubai

  • No Use of Latest Web Design Trends

Having an old-fashioned website design can reduce the chance of attracting a new generation. You must have a website that is designed with the proper use of the latest website design trends. You can read the latest web design trends of 2019 to check whether your website is achieving all the design goals that modern website have to achieve to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Not Building the Credibility

Your website must be created to build credibility & reliability. Check your website whether it has mentioned clients’ testimonials? Are you explaining the motives people should trust your business? Are you sharing your experience with clients’ on your website? These are the things that are must for building credibility for your business.

  • No Call to Action

You should use a call to action for your users to propose something valuable to your visitors. CTAs are very useful if done well & properly. You will take users back from your site if your are abusing CTAs (Calls to Action) all over your website or don’t have CTAs at all. 

  • Flash Website

Flashy website design with an illustrative background is highly a creative but the importance of functionality during site designing is the most important part of creative website design. And also flash is not compatible with all devices or search engines and this can hurt your website traffic.

  • No Presence of SEO 

Your website must be SEO optimized if you want to be on top on search engines. You need to assure that your website has all the quality of an SEO optimized website to rank on search engines. If no, then a website redesign can enhance the structure of the website which helps your business to get better visibility.

  • Hard to Maintain

If your website is hard to update, or updating site takes time than you have to consider a redesign. Because if you don’t update the website or don’t have fresh content on your site than there is no reason for visitors to come back to your site.

You can switch your website to a new CMS system which is easy for you to maintain your website. There are many CMS available you can choose one but WordPress is one of the most famous and easy to use CMS system which is the idol for your business.

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