Most Popular Mobile Apps in Dubai and UAE to Download

Dubai is a city where you can have pretty much anything delivered to your door with the touch of a button. There are a lot of best mobile apps available that makes your life easier in Dubai.

From finding out what’s going on, or booking hotels to getting a ride everything is on your fingertips. These best app for Dubai tourist and residents are making their day-t0-day life much simpler.

If you’re planning to visit Dubai for holidays or for business trips you require mobile apps to help you get around. Find our list the most popular mobile app in Dubai, UAE below.

 List of the Most Popular Mobile App in Dubai

  • Wojhati

Exploring Dubai in hot weather by walk is challenging even if you enjoy to walk. You must need the help of public transport to explore Dubai with comfort. There is a different type of public transport available in Dubai including metro, buses, water buses, monorail, and trams. Traveling it all can be daunting, this is where you need an app that helps you enjoy your Dubai visit.

Wojhati is a Roads & Transports Authority’s official service from Dubai that guide you make sense of all five systems. Wojhati can help you with buses and other transport timetables and recommendations for the shortest path to your destination.

Download free on AppStore and Google Play

  • Dubai Metro2

The Dubai Metro2 app is the perfect way to be on time for the next metro train. Dubai Metro2 offers guidance on times, stations, and more related to the Dubai metro. The Dubai Metro2 app is also useful to get a list of fines that traveler could be at risk of when using Dubai public transport.

Download free on AppStore and Google Play

  • Zomato

All food lovers who are exploring Dubai should download Zomato, one of the best food delivery app Dubai. The Zomato food delivery app includes almost every single best restaurant in Dubai. This app allows its users to check out the food menu, look at mouth-watering pictures and read reviews.

Download free on AppStore and Google Play

  • Talabat

Talabat is another best food delivery app in the UAE that can also be found in several other Middle East countries. The food delivery app gives the choice of hundreds of top restaurant, cafe and fast food to order from. You can even use this app to order food late at night because this app operates 24/7. It also gives offers and coupons when ordering from several restaurants and cafes.

Download free on AppStore and Google Play

  • Visit Dubai

This is another most popular and best Dubai guide app to download and should be on top of your list when you Visit Dubai. This provides you a lot of info on attractions and sights which you can then connect to design your own customized travel plan. You can also get the information on events around your place and opening hours for the various attractions. It is surely the best app for Dubai tourists.

Download free on AppStore and Google Play

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