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4 Hacks to Make Your Blog Design More Professional

For past few years, people are earning some great income through attractive blogging profession by spending their precious hours in their home. Many new bloggers are coming to this profitable industry after seeing the success of other bloggers.

There are many bloggers that are using this platform just for sharing their experience and insights, while others take it’s extremely as a full-time profession. But most of the new bloggers are not taking the critical aspects of blogging seriously that’s destroying their blog visibility and reach.

Creative web and blog design is the core aspect of any blog or web design Dubai process that put a cool first impression on readers and customers. If you’re new to the blogging industry and your blog is looking dirty and messy reader will leave your blog and this will hurt your blog reach. You must follow professional design tips to make your blog look more professional.

4 Tips to Make Your Blog  Design More Professional

Below are the few creative blog design tips that will surely help you to change your simple blog to look professional blog;

Use Font Size, Whitespace & Line Spacing Effectively

If you’re planning to make your blog look more professionals, catch the eye of your readers and make easy to read for them than you must use effective font size, line spacing and overall white space on your blog pages.

You should use at least 16 pixels font size (or min. 14 pixels) and font type sans-serif for reading easily for all of your readers. And for line spacing you can choose according to your font size, an ideal one for blogging is 1 – 1.8. And also you must not leave the plenty of whitespaces to help your readers to focus on your post.

Use Custom Theme

Using custom web design is the best option to make your blog look professional and superb rather than using ready-made themes. If you’re using CMS platform like WordPress website than you must change your theme according to your blog category and writing.

If you are planning to design your blog yourself rather hiring any custom CMS design firm than you must learn more about customizing theme and also look other blogs theme color palates.

If you feel any difficulty than you must contact any creative and professional web design agency to help you design your website creatively to help you achieve marketing goals.

Don’t Over Monetize Your Blog

You must take care of unnecessary ads on your blog. Majority of new blogger make a big mistake by making their blog over-monetized that is self-attempt to kill their money blog.

Revenue generating must not be your primary objective. You must provide quality content to your reader to grow your blog and make it popular. Quality content makes your blog to engage more readers and generate more revenue.

Also, follow the blog monetizing guideline of professional blogger to monetize your blog in a way that won’t hurt your blog usability.

Use Logo

Make your blog a brand by creating an impressive logo for it. A logo is the first step towards appeal in an audience. If you’re serious about a blog and want to attract readers than you should choose the best logo design Dubai company for your blog.

A logo will also show your blog identity on different social media channels.


You must spend your precious time to give a professional look to your blog with the right passion. People give their precious time to your blog to get some quality and informative content that why you must focus on quality and engaging content that attract your readers and then make them your customers.