Top Free Google SEO Tools Every SEO Professional Must Use

Top Free Google SEO Tools Every SEO Professional Must Use

Whether you’re working as in-house SEO or working on client’s projects. You’re doing local SEO or international SEO. If you have any plan to optimize your or clients site then you need to be active, work hard, using the best free SEO tools to track your progress and managing free SEO analysis, instead of just waiting for your competitor to pass you by or just sit back in your home.

Among the list of SEO tools available on the internet, many of them are free SEO tools. There is a huge range of SEO tools available on the internet, you can use those tools to increase your website ranking, gain more online visibly and skyrocket your products sale and revenue.

In this post, you’ll get the most used and top free Google SEO tools that can help you or your SEO Agency to examine your optimization process to clear that it’s working correctly for you.

List of Top Google Free SEO Tools

Here is the list of amazing free Google SEO tools. Use these tools and get a better result for your SEO campaign; 

  • Google Search Console

  • Chrome Lighthouse

  • Google Analytics

  • TestMySite

  •  Google Mobile-Friendly Test

  • Google Adwords Keyword Planner

  • Page Speed Insights

  • Chrome SEO & Website Analysis Extension

  • Google Trends

  • Safe Browsing Test

  • Google Places for Business

  • Tag Manager

  • Google Alerts

Final Words:

If you also think SEO has the biggest effect on a lead generation like other majorities of marketers thinks, then it’s time to get the benefit of these SEO tools to examine your search engine optimization strategy.

Use of these tools will surely make your SEO strategy more effective and change your viewpoint for greater.