Brochure Design Guide for Attractive Brochures

The Basics of Creating Result-Oriented Brochures

When you design a brochure for your company or clients, you always want to design a brochure that looks cool & eye-catching and that your fellow designers will surprise over it.

But a brochure design isn’t just a design that looks gorgeous. Your design must achieve your or client’s requirements.

Here you will find the basic tips of design anatomy that need to makes a brochure. Follow the key takeaways to improve your brochure design.

Front Cover: The front cover is the most important part of any brochure. It can grab the attraction of readers. Use an impressive & perfect visual front cover that expresses strong emotional feedback

Inside Front Cover: If the front covers are the heart of brochure than the flap is the soul of it. If you designed front cover perfectly than its time to use the flap to centralized your subheading and offers. Use an eye-catching image with short but result focused CTA (call-to-action) to force more reading.

Main Content: The body content that appears after the flap, in between the front and back panel, is the brain of a brochure. In this section present the message to attract readers towards products or services.

Back Cover: After grabbing the reader’s attention and aware them about products and services, it’s time to ask for something in return on the back cover of the brochure. Ask them to “follow” or “like” social media, prompting them to call or email directly or give them a discount or reward if they visit the store.

Get in Touch: This section is to provide the of list company contact details like email, phone number, office address to visit personally.  Also, add a short reason to call.

After reading all the basic anatomy of designing an attractive brochure, now you’re ready to design an eye-catching and result driven brochure for your client.