5 Things You Must Avoid in Your Website Design

Today the online world is an extremely competitive place. It’s more difficult than ever to get the visitors to your website where already so many businesses and individuals website owners spending time and money on digital marketing and SEO.

Given the challenge of getting new visitors, you might believe that all the webmasters would do everything in their capability to produce a pleasant user experience and ultimately grasp each hard-won customer, but we all know that there are plenty of offensive and off-putting bad manners that appear to crop up time and time again. Ultimately, all of those manners are results of bad UX design. Every web design elements must be evaluated for its impact on the function of the web page. 

Let’s take a look at the top 5 website design mistakes that you must avoid to keep visitors coming to your website.

Slow Site Speed

In this age of technology advancement, where almost everybody has a smartphone in their pocket, the internet has become synonymous with instant pleasure. We’ve all become ruined by the pace and responsiveness of our hyper-connected world. So, when we click on any link in the search result and meet on a blank loading page for 3 or more seconds it can seem like a forever.

The user is very possible to think and visit another website if the click on the link was made by nothing more than frivolous interest.

According to a Google study, more than half of mobile users will leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. And after 6 seconds they’ll definitely look elsewhere. So, it is important for your business to must have a website that loads faster than other sites.

Too Many Popups

We have all had the experience of clicking a website link in Google search results and being brought to a web page that appears to be doing everything in its control to stop us from viewing the content. An immense screen-covering popup will arrive within 2 seconds along with something common to all internet users.

The overall impact is one of being attacked with trivial garbage that solely buries the original content you were trying to reach, content that you are now required to dig yourself by manually removing each of the popups.

Popups may have their advantages, but providing too many popups at once and not respecting the user’s need to see content that is related to their concerns is more likely to result in a bounce than not.

Non-Responsive Website

Many web design companies and web designers yet seem to treat the responsive website almost as a thing of future consideration. It’s yet not strange to find a mobile site where items are overlapping, misaligned, formatted strangely or subject to some other mistake from the designer all of which can indicate to a visitor that your firm doesn’t take the time to go over small details.

It’s worth remembering that serving website for mobile users is now the most crucial part of the design job. Reports stated that half of all Internet traffic occurred on mobile phones, proving that mobile browsing is truly now the more-used way to explore the web.

Enormous Animation

The animation is a flavoring to be used sparingly on a website. It should help and draw attention to the website’s key content and call-to-action buttons but it can be distracting if overdone. It should not confuse the user with things rising up and moving around to the point that they are too confused to read the real text.

In general, the use of website components shouldn’t be directed by their artistic display; demanding users to wait for a component to arrive or to become interactive because of an animation is not a great tactic. This can cause users to dislike the animation for taking in the way of what they’re striving to do.

Autoplay Media

Without mentioning autoplay media no article on bad manners of web design would be completed.  Since the early days of the Internet autoplay media, is been the plague of website users. Nowadays, many websites put a video playing next to the body text of a blog post or an article, often this is totally irrelevant to the content of the web page which is highly distracting. You must stop this to improve website user experience.

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